Telephone Service

The People You Know, the Service You Trust

Doing business locally builds our economic strength and connects us as a community. At LMPC, we work every day to serve our customers and invest in our community. We're proud to be the "people you know, the service you trust."

LMPC - Your Hometown Telephone Provider!

- No Contracts -Convenient Bill Payment Options
- No Installation Fees          -Mail
- Free Directory Listing          - ACH (Automatic Withdrawal)
- Free Calling Features          - Debit/Credit Cards
- Personal Customer Service          - Drop Box available 24/7
- Local Technicians

Custom Calling Features

Free with Phone Service!

- Voicemail - 900 number block
- Caller ID - Speed dial
- Caller ID blocking - Three-way calling
- Caller ID/call waiting - Call transfer
- Call waiting - Call forwarding


$10.00 per month per line
  • Add Unlimited Long Distance
$15.00 per month per line (no per minute charge)
  • Basic Long Distance 
12-cents per minute


$25.00 per month per line
  • Add Unlimited Long Distance
$25.00 per month per line
  • Basic Long Distance 
12-cents per minute (no monthly minimum)


  • E911
$1.00 per month
  • Subscriber Line Charge
$6.00 per month


Unlisted Primary Number $1.50 per month
Toll Restriction $3.00 per month

To apply for service:

  • Click below to download the application, then complete and return it to the LMPC offices.
  • Visit our offices in person at 272 N. Third Street in Laurens.
  • Provide a valid photo ID, Social Security Number and pay any required deposit.
  • If you need additional assistance, call our office during regular business hours at 712-841-4610.