Electric Service

Serving Our Community for 70 Years - and Counting!

Since 1949, LMPC has been providing reliable and affordable electric service to our customers in Laurens, Iowa. As your hometown utility, our priority is YOU - our valued customers and fellow community members.

Electric Rates


Customer charge

Monthly energy charge
per kwh

Monthly demand charge
per kwh

Reconnection fee

Late penalty: 1.5% of
unpaid balance 

Delinquent Notice fee: $5

24/48-hour disconnect
notice fee: $15

Residential Dwellings &

Individually Metered Apartments




Sm. Commercial
Up to  20 kw /month

Includes individaully metered structures on either residential or commercial property

$34.75 Single Phase

$71.45 Three Phase


$104.25 Single Phase

$214.35 Three Phase

Lg. Commercial
Commercial uses with

monthly metered demand 

>20 kw & <100kw in 12 month period






Commercial or Industrial uses with

monthly metered demand 

>100kw in 12 month period





Other Pricing Provisions

Due Date 15th of the month following billing
Minimum bill Monthly customer charge plus demand charges if applicable
Sales tax Added to all electric bills to be in compliance with provisions of the laws of Iowa
Metered demand Max kilowatt demand established by consumer for 15 consecutive minutes during month, indicated by demand meter
Billing demand (Industrial only) Adjusted meter demand for the month not less than 40% of highest demand recorded in preceding eleven (11) months

REBATES: Save Money with LMPC's Energy Efficiency Program

  • LMPC offers up to $3,000 in energy efficiency rebates for residential customers and up to $5,000 for commercial customers.
  • Click here for complete details.
  • Complete the Rebate Application online with scanned copies of your receipts.

New Home Cash Incentive Plan

  • Be the first owner of a new all electric residence and receive a cash incentive up to $5,000.
  • Click here for program details.
  • Drop off the completed application at our office.

We're here to help.

Choose your own Convenient Payment Option

  • Mail
  • ACH (Automatic)  Apply Here
  • Phone (Debit or Credit Card)
  • Secure Office Drop Box - available 24/7
  • Online

To apply for service:

  • Click below to download the application, then complete and return it to the LMPC offices.
  • Visit our offices in person at 272 N. Third Street in Laurens.
  • Provide a valid photo ID, Social Security Number and pay any required deposit.
  • If you need additional assistance, call our office during regular business hours at 712-841-4610.